Servo Drive Training Course

Course description

PID and Predictive Control of Electric Drives and Power Converters using MATLAB®/Simulink® work to examin te classical control system strategies, such as PID control, feed-forward control and cascade control, which are widely used in current practice. The book contains sections on closed-loop performance analysis in both frequency domain and time domain. The way the layout is presented helps the designer to select controller parameters and confirm validation of the control system.

  • Both classical control systems and predictive control systems
  • Simulation and experimental results used to support theoretical analysis and the proposed design algorithms
  • MATLAB and Simulink tutorials and xPC Target support for teaching purposes

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Go beyond simulation …

Using the AMD2000 Starter Kits available from ANCA Motion, exercises from the book can used to explore how theory can be applied on industrial grade hardware.

The available block set also allow:
  • Control laws to be researched on industrial hardware
  • Realistic software/hardware dynamics to be explored

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